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More information about Newpad

About Newpad toolbar

The buttons on the toolbar are shortcuts for common file management tasks, such as creating or saving a file. You can see a description of each toolbar icon by placing your mouse over it. The status bar provides additional information about the buttons and commands in Newpad. You can show or hide the Newpad toolbar and status bar by clicking the View menu and then clicking the name of the toolbar that you want to show or hide.

About Newpad end-of-line processing

In computing, a newline (also known as a line break or end-of-line / EOL character) is a special character or sequence of characters signifying the end of a line of text. The different newline conventions often cause text files that have been transferred between systems of different types to be displayed incorrectly. For example, files originating on Unix or Apple Macintosh systems may appear as a single long line on a Windows system.

The Newpad can open and correctly display files which contains Unix and Macintosh style end of line attribute.

When Newpad opens a file, it automatically distinguishes style of the end of line attribute. Newpad correctly display files Windows and UNIX style end of file attribute. However, if you want to save file Newpad will keep former formatting.

Source code

Because Newpad is Open Source, it is freely distributable and available for use by anyone, without restrictions you can found source code into zip archive. The program Newpad is freely distributed free-of-charge software. The program Newpad is distributed according to principles of the free software. The program is given to you free-of-charge, however further you can distribute it at own discretion, including for money. The Free software means freedom, instead of price. In addition, you have the right to change the program for personal use in work or for entertainment. The access to the source code is a necessary condition for it. If you publish your updating, it is not necessary to notify on it somebody by any way. That freedom to make modifications and to publish the improved versions was real; you have access to the initial texts of the program.

How to build

You can build Newpad from source code by use Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 solution file in source code directory. You can also use Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition.

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